Silver Graphis — Maria Johnson

Silver Graphis, Maria Johnson

My Type of Christmas is a decorative kit of Christmas textured letters. It includes pop out sheets for the words CHEER, PEACE, JOLLY, and MERRY, white wooden stands for the letters, and stickers. Each texture was originally photographed or scanned. My Type of Christmas also extends into a line of interactive Christmas cards that can be jingled, lit, or shaken. The cards were all laser cut and use original photography of the Christmas textures.

Addy Award Winner — Andrew Cygan & Meredith Heydt

Video 1: He Picks on You Because He Likes You

Video 2: You Have to Kiss Grandma

Addy Award Winner, Andrew Cygan & Meredith Heydt

What is consent? It is simply permission or agreement for something to happen or two do something. When we, as a society, think of consent we often think of sexual consent. While that is an extremely important subject, many psychologists, therapists, and educators believe the core idea of consent can and should be taught to children as young as one year old. For example, this can involve teaching children to ask permission, that no and stop are important words, and that a child is in control of their own body.​​​​​​​

No matter what media we used, this is a difficult subject to tackle. We decided to create short 30 second commercials with kid friendly illustrations and valuable information that can educate both children and adults.