2024 MFA Graduate Research Projects

2024 MFA Graduate Research Projects

Ghostland is a live multimedia experience based on his thesis paper “Designs of the American Road Trip” in which he explores numerous designs that have contributed to tourism since before the dawn of cars. He covered the histories of familiar vacation staples like travel brochures, souvenirs, and famous tourist traps. He also outlined the design principles and techniques unique to each format.

I have learned from my traumatic past that experiencing happiness can help one face difficult moments. Collectively, we have endured a great deal in the past year: the loss of time with loved ones, the unfortunate loss of lives, hunger for many, mental health decline, and the uncertainty of it all.

The goal was to create an experience that immersed visitors in an original story using video, scripted performances, and environmental design components like sound design, illusions, themed aromas, theatrical effects, and loads of historically inspired designs. These included era-specific branding, objects, ephemera, souvenirs, and more.

For many people, healthy food isn’t an option. The cost of goods has risen, food deserts are a growing problem, and working families often just don’t have the time to cook a balanced, healthy meal. And while fast food chains offer a convenient bite for a quick buck, consumers continue to grow weary of the health effects and ecological consequences they present. That’s where Cabowldle comes in. No more shopping at expensive stores to get the nutrition you need, and no more waiting in long lines to get a simple salad. Just drive up, make your order, and we’ll do the rest. It’s fresh, faster. The overall goals of Cabowldle are to show how a globalized brand can bring more cultural awareness to Western society as well as demonstrate how an American brand can highlight other cultural design aesthetics.

My thesis was centered around the evolution of analog and digital design. Once looked at as competition there was a belief that digital design would replace print. However, print design has stood the test of time. Throughout my research, I found that when digital and analog design is merged it creates a powerful and memorable experience for consumers. My goal for my thesis project was to bring this combination of analog and digital design to my community. Through the painting of a mural, I brought color and design to downtown Mifflinburg. To enhance the experience of viewing the mural I generated an animation that can be viewed as augmented reality using the Hoverlay app and a digital device.

Reborn a Mother is more than just a collection of birth stories; it is a celebration of womanhood, a source of solace for mothers sharing their experiences, and a guiding light for those yet to embark on the journey of motherhood. Through its pages, readers are invited to witness the beauty and complexity of childbirth to connect with the profound impact it has on the lives of women everywhere.

Violet & Rae is a skincare line with a mission to encourage, inspire, and influence the younger generation to include SPF and sun protection in their daily routines, while minimizing plastic waste in landfills through a unique sustainability program that turns recycled cosmetic packaging into sunglasses.

Protect your skin. Protect your eyes. Protect the Earth.