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KUCD. You should be here.

The world is full of knowledge and possibility. And at KU, you have access to it all. Because, here, we believe there’s no limit to what you can do.

Kutztown University’s Communication Design (KUCD) program is a community of designers who are passionate about what they create. We empower you to solve problems, communicate visually, and evoke meaningful change—all through dynamic visual expression.

Here, you’ll discover the power of your voice and grow, not into someone new, but truly into yourself. You are imaginative, innovative, and challenge-seeking and you deserve a program that rises to meet your abilities. That’s why a KUCD degree isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s evidence of an experience. It’s a secret handshake into the world of design.

Find your voice. Design your KUCD story.

Brand New MFA. Brand new you.

KU offers the first & only Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design (KUCD) within the Pennsylvania State system. KUCD is a community of designers and faculty who are passionate about what they create. We empower you to evoke meaningful change, develop your strengths and celebrate the future of design—all through individual development and visual expression. Here, you will embark on a journey to discover power of your voice and grow, not into someone new, but truly into yourself.

Take control of the creative freedom that our low-residency curriculum provides—to explore personal and professional aspirations by charting your own course. This journey is yours. A KUCD degree isn't just a piece of paper, it's proof of an experience. Forge your journey & discover who you are.

Find your voice. Design your KUCD story.

Exhibits and Events

KUCD is very active with monthly AIGA events, design film screening, workshops, and exhibit openings. We have annual events that keep give back to the community and help our graduating class assimilate into their new design careers.

Kutztown University's Communication Design prides itself on offering the best resources available.

  • Our classrooms and CD Lab have new iMacs loaded with all the software students use
  • The Lab is generally open 24-7 — every day that the university and dorms are open
  • Four lab workstations are reserved for scanning or digital illustration work — three 22” Cintiq displays and an 11 x 17 scanner
  • The Lab also offers a service bureau that provides large format color printing, laser cutting and etching, 3D printing, non-toxic adhesive application and a direct-to-garment printer
  • With training, students can also use the Landis Press Letterpress Studio and our 4-arm Screenprinting Press.

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