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KU offers the first & only Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design (KUCD) within the PA State system of Higher Education. Our 100% online program is geared toward working professionals and our classes are designed to work around your schedule. While we don’t get together here in Kutztown, we are very engaged with our cohorts through “in-person” zoom meetings, critiques and class discussion.

As a designer, we offer you the opportunity to grow, not into someone new, but truly into yourself. KUCD is a community of designers — graphic designers, advertising designers, interactive designers, illustrators, design entrepreneurs, design educators (aspiring and current) — who are passionate about what they create. Take control of the creative freedom that our online curriculum provides to explore personal and professional design aspirations. We empower you to evoke meaningful change, develop your strengths and celebrate the future of design—all through individual development and visual expression.

Forge your journey to discover who you are:

The Navigator

You are looking to chart a course to a new opportunity, a new challenge and something greater than your current location. Your full creative potential has yet to be tapped and you seek the challenge. On this journey you pioneer a path to boost your current skills and navigate a stronger portfolio to find your true and desired career destination.

In the KUCD M.F.A.​ program I was able to perfect my personal style and, not only grow as an illustrator, but a designer as well. I found out my passions could be not only a career, but also a lifestyle.”
—Emma Brooks, Class of 2016

The Adventurer

You are not satisfied with the same old thing. You need more and will go to the ends of the earth to find it. Your imagination is filled with the willingness to learn the new and undiscovered. You don’t want a path less traveled — you want to forge a brand new path, in a whole new design world of discovery.

The KUCD M.F.A, program has given me a much need confidence booster. I had no idea that I would completely change as a creative. I now look at positions I know I never would have landed with my past portfolio.”
—Juss Disciullo, Class of 2017

The Leader

You are at the forefront of the expedition. You command the charge, encouraging others to follow your path and learning your true potential for leadership along the way. You are willing to push boundaries and challenge the expected—invaluable skills to ascend in your career.

Learning about the challenges people face when interacting with products and then finding ways to improve or enhance that experience triggered my discovery that I really enjoy solving problems. These realizations guide my decisions with the companies, clients, teams and projects with which I am involved.”
—Eric Oslwad, Class of 2017

The Guide

You understand that creativity takes dedication and hard work to reach the peak. You strive to carve out the best route to achieve greatness. You discover not only for yourself, however, but to see others triumph in their quest as well. You endeavor to guide, educate and foster new journeys in design experiences.

It was important for me to gain trust in my skillset, and myself as a designer and leader, in order to become an educator. That is something this program has given me—the confidence in myself so I can guide others on their journey.”
—Melissa Seling, Class of 2019

Map Your Course

This program encourages students to work one-on-one with faculty to develop their own design voice—whether it’s graphic design, interactive design, advertising design, illustration or education—this journey is yours to discover. We encourage students to think innovatively and use in-depth investigation to solve design problems and formulate creative expression. The KUCD MFA program promotes a well-rounded education through the study of design history, contemporary topics, typography, emerging media, and the exploration of personal and professional goals. Students ultimately create an original capstone graduate research project exploring their creative path to professional or academic aspirations.

Your experience begins with Journey Week — an amazing four days of online sessions diving into the MFA experience, launching your first classes and getting to know your cohort.

To download a .pdf of the MFA KUCD program brochure, please click here.​

To download a .pdf with more information including course requirements and curriculum structure, please click here.

Earn Your Badge of Distinction

This journey is yours. A KUCD degree isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s proof of an experience. Forge your journey & discover who you are.


  • 100% ONLINE
  • Customized Learning—Follow your path
  • Affordable state school tuition
  • Passionate qualified faculty
  • NASAD Accredited


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MFA in Communication Design SLOs:

  • Solve communication challenges through identifying the issues, targeting audience, researching, and/or developing innovative solutions.
  • Create and develop visual solutions in response to communication challenges.
  • Determine audience objectives based upon a spectrum of human factors; test audience response; and/or assess the outcomes.
  • Apply the contexts of past, current and future design.
  • Communicate with other creative professionals through research-based, cohesive and persuasive rhetoric.