Kelsey Kohrs, American Package Design Award for 2019 and were published in the April issue of GDUSA Magazine
Gabby Trate, American Package Design Award for 2019 and were published in the April issue of GDUSA Magazine

Graphis Winner – Christian Weber

Liten Ørnäs by Christian Weber

Inspired by the Ornäs birch, the national tree of Sweden, these packages were designed for the high-end consumer. Series captures the consumer’s eye with a juxtaposition of traditional clean European design styles with rough hand lettering. Execution is highlighted with metallic foiling, vinyl die-cut lettering, and a minimal yet sophisticated duotone color palette. Series features original hand-lettering and romance copywriting.

Silver Graphis — Maria Johnson

Silver Graphis, Maria Johnson

My Type of Christmas is a decorative kit of Christmas textured letters. It includes pop out sheets for the words CHEER, PEACE, JOLLY, and MERRY, white wooden stands for the letters, and stickers. Each texture was originally photographed or scanned. My Type of Christmas also extends into a line of interactive Christmas cards that can be jingled, lit, or shaken. The cards were all laser cut and use original photography of the Christmas textures.

Society of Illustrators – Meredith Shriner

Society of Illustrators, Meredith Shriner

This poster was created to promote the 19TH Annual Kutztown University Children’s Literature Conference, an event featuring talks by a few talented and innovative children’s authors and illustrators. I aimed to inventively capture the imagination and whimsy of children’s stories with the artwork. The scenes emerging from the book were created using photographed 3D illustrations and sets, while the remainder of the artwork uses watercolor and ink. These elements were later arranged digitally. The swirling layout emphasizes the playfulness of the theme.