KUCD 2019 Honor Grads

The Honors Program at Kutztown University is dedicated to providing high-achieving students with opportunities to engage in scholarship, leadership, and service. We are so proud of our 4 KUCD seniors, who are graduating with honors. #kucd2019 Congratulations!

Theresa Quedenfeld

Theresa Quedenfeld completed her Honors Capstone Project on the topic of the Kutztown Arts Academy, a week-long immersion to explore art, music, film and design geared towards high school students. Her project consisted of creating a logo, website, and style guide. Theresa was able to present her project to design professionals at the AIGA Central Portfolio Review this past April.

Ben Ginder

Ben Ginder completed her Honors Capstone by creating kinetic type graphics of the lyrics to “Unlike Anything” to fit perfectly with the song, and then performed it in the little theater in Schaeffer. He played some other original songs that day, and played “Unlike Anything” twice. The event was well attended.

Melanie Edwards

Melanie completed her Honors Capstone by creating a seventy-six page brand guide explaining the multi-logo identity system that she created for Longwood Gardens. In the brand guide, she describes each logo and how it should be used, color palettes, photo treatments, patterns and much more! She presented her designs at the AIGA Central PA Portfolio Review.

Colton Rogers

Colton Rogers completed his Honors Capstone Project by researching the art of making a graphic novel, and producing an eighty-page example from the planning stage to execution. His year-long effort was illustrated digitally, before being printed professionally and sold on digital ebook services. Colton was able to showcase his work at the 2019 MOCCA fest illustration festival in New York City this past March.