Designathon in Jersey City

On Saturday, March 30th KUCD Alumni gathered in Jersey City, NJ for the 2019 Alumni Designathon, and 8 was the magic number.

In total our team of 18 alumni designers provided over $8000 of in-kind design work to our non-profit partners in 8 hours! The work is incredibly important to the organizations, without this help, these projects might never be realized or see the light of day.

And deeper into that, is the impact the work and the volunteered time has on the people these organizations serve.

  • Our efforts will help increase donors which will provide housing, education and child care to women and children in need.
  • Our efforts will help support clean, green, spaces for the children and residents of Jersey City to be able to play outdoors.
  • Our efforts bring awareness to the arts for adults and children to have a space or a group where they can go find joy and dance and paint and perform… surrounded by others that share their passion.
  • Our efforts will help support children who need clothes, school supplies, and every day things most of us take for granted.
  • Our efforts will bring funding and sponsorship to support educational programs for children and young adults to learn a trade, and maybe turn that into a career.

All of that in a span of 8 hours!

Some might think design is simply about making beautiful things, and sometimes it is! But I like to think that we help make life more enjoyable. It is easy to get sucked into the desire to win awards, work on cool projects for superstar clients, get published, and climb the ladder. But on this day, design did make a difference. A day when generosity of time and talent will directly impact others and will help make their lives better.

Participating Alum:

Crystal Folkes, 2016
Alli Landino, 2018
Brooke Snyder, 2017
Alyssa Kays, 2013
Pat Coyle, 2017
Alicia Wrye, 2017
Mary Kate Henry, 2016
Nicholas Stover, 2015
Rachel Zuppo, 2017
DJ Rossino, 2017
Elaine Knox, 2017
Becki Murray, 2018
Kaylyn Gustafson, 2018
Chelsea Gassert, 2015
Yuwen Sun, 2018
Jen Zweiger, 2014
Maria Johnson, 2016
Deanna Black, 2017