MFA Graduate Research Project | Kyle Lutz, Adventures on Grimm Island

MFA Graduate Research Project | Kyle Lutz, Adventures on Grimm Island

Kyle decided to pursue his MFA in Communication Design to expand his knowledge and abilities. With an education and background in film/video/photo, Kyle looked to add design to his skillset to open new creative career opportunities. His design interests lean towards animation and anything that allows him to work with his hands. Now that Kyle will (probably) have more free time he looks forward to hanging out with his dog Charley, experimenting with art/craft techniques, and exploring Philadelphia.

Storytelling is a primitive part of being human. We have used stories to understand the world around us and give meaning to things and events in our lives. Now, we even use it to escape this world and those events. And that was part of my motivation for this project… to create a world you can dive into and forget about everything else in your life, even if it is only for a half-hour.

GRIMM ISLAND takes some lesser-known fairy tales and intertwines them, building a new, magical location to explore a one-of-a-kind interactive story. Every element of the map and characters, down to the textures, was created by my hands and imagination.


Final Map & Characters

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