MFA Graduate Research Project | Kim Rader, MoodMural

MFA Graduate Research Project | Kim Rader, MoodMural: a mood-tracking generative art web app

Kim Rader is an experienced graphic designer with a background in publication design. Her fate in graphic design was sealed when she first joined yearbook in 7th grade. She is a visual problem solver who loves creativity and technology. Kim entered the MFA program at Kutztown to expand her skills beyond print design. She is interested in creative coding, motion graphics, and illustration. When she is not sitting at a computer, she can be found reading, sewing, or learning yet another new craft, most likely with a Diet Coke in hand. She is passionate about her kids, animals, and making the world a better place.

MoodMural aims to open a dialogue about mental health which has deteriorated worldwide during the pandemic. MoodMural creates unique designs to visually represent your daily mental state and to inspire discussion about mental health. Users are encouraged to save and share their personal design and to discuss how they are feeling. The end goal is to promote empathy and to open discussion about mental health.

MoodMural utilizes creative coding to generate a one-of-a-kind design based on the answers to ten simple questions about your well-being. The visual representation created can be used as a mood tracker. Tracking your daily mood helps you to understand how and when your mood shifts happen and to identify important triggers or patterns in your behavior.

More Work by Kim

I’m an Open Book:

As an avid reader, Kim tracks and reviews all the books she reads. For this project, she compiled her reading data from 2010–2020 and created a custom data visualization. Each chart tracks the name of the book, the genre, the length of the book in pages, her personal rating, and a series of personal categories.

Pennsylvania Woodland Collection:

The Pennsylvania Woodland Collection is a series of surface pattern designs for fabrics and wallcoverings that focuses on the flora and fauna of Pennsylvania, including cardinals, chickadees, mountain laurel, and bumblebees.  

Nite Bites – Snacks for Night Owls:

Need to stay up late and finish a project? Maybe it’s episode 42 of your latest binge-watch. Nite Bites are the tiny snack you need to power through a late night. We’ll keep your midnight snacking on the DL with our extra-quiet, sustainable packaging. No crinkly plastic to wake up your roommates or pets who may want a bite.

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