MFA Graduate Research Project | Ilze Spilde, Pocket Bucket

MFA Graduate Research Project | Ilze Spilde, Pocket Bucket App

A former art educator, Ilze pursued her MFA in Communication Design in order to gain the knowledge, skillset, and preparation necessary to successfully switch careers from education to design. Her particular design interests include interactive design and UX/UI, but she welcomes the challenges of all areas of design. When not designing, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding her motorcycle, and checking items off her bucket list.

To some, the idea of a bucket list might sound like an inventory of “maybe someday”s that live in a corner of your brain somewhere, but rarely get much attention. After all, most days involve more mundane thoughts about work deadlines or what to cook for dinner that evening. But I’ve always had a healthy respect for my folded, yellowed bucket list. When I transfer those goals from my head to paper, I’m one step closer to achieving that goal – to traveling to Latvia, or to trying that new restaurant. And although work and even cooking meals are important and very necessary strands of one’s life, it’s the addition of achieving one’s own recreational goals that rounds out my personal view of fulfillment.

Pocket Bucket is a bucket list app that allows users to create lists and sublists, add and check off goals, explore new goal ideas, follow friends, add photos, and more. My thesis project consists of the mobile app prototype, responsive promotional website, branding guide, and promotional video behind Pocket Bucket.





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