MFA Graduate Research Project | Catie Benner: Mystere, an interactive puzzle room

MFA Graduate Research Project | Catie Benner: Mystere, an interactive puzzle room

Mystere is an interactive puzzle room experience combining traditional game design elements with more modern components like touch and projection to create an interactive experience. Players work through a series of puzzles to solve the mystery at the game’s core while learning expansive world lore and story along the way.

More Work by Catie

American Dreams

American Dreams is a visual novel in which the player quits their job in the big city to move to the small town of Freedom, Virginia after they inherit their estranged uncle’s antique shop. After having lost their lease on life, can a change of scenery rekindle the dreams they have given up on?

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Afterthought follows one girl on her journey to learn the truth about the world in which she lives. In the year 2019, a virus swept over the world, targeting most of the male population. In this first-person survival game, players take on the role of Sig, a hunter from a village in the apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. As she begins her journey, which spans the sprawling Pacific Northwest, players, and Sig learn the horrifying reason why there are no men in her village.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Park

We want you to visit the parks year-round (safely, of course)! So we decided to focus on the month when the national park system gets the least amount of visitors, October. And because October is the spookiest month by far, we decided to lean in and make spooky our middle name.
The National Parks are full of lore and legends both known and unknown, and our mission is to spread that lore while promoting national park tourism in the slower months and year-round.