MFA Graduate Research Project | Casey Capece, PaperLab: The Ultimate Design Tool for Educators

MFA Graduate Research Project | Casey Capece, PaperLab: The Ultimate Design Tool for Educators

In 2019, Casey joined the MFA program to expand her critical thinking and prepare herself for teaching in the future. She currently works at The Growth Partnership where she designs brand and marketing collateral for CPA firms across the US. When Casey is not working or freelancing for her studio, Bark Hill Boutique, she is typically hiking, traveling, or just doing something outside.

PaperLab is a comprehensive web-based software that provides educators a tool to create high-quality documents for their students so that educators can stay organized, work more effectively as a team, and save loads of time and money.

PaperLab helps k-12 teachers improve the way that they create their tests, worksheets and other classroom materials with PaperLab; an intuitive web-based software that focuses on creating well designed class documents in a collaborative setting. Not only does PaperLab give teachers an edge in producing a well-designed worksheet or test, but it also features sharing and collaboration, so you can streamline document creation in teams as well as having a consistently growing library of documents for yourself and fellow instructors to use.

More Work by Casey

The Perils of Online Dating

This mixed-media project is a collection of analog collages that express stories and experiences gathered from entries focusing on online dating. The concept was conceived of my frustrations with online dating, and I recognized that many others shared these same feelings. Ultimately, the collages evolved into a zine to these experiences in an accessible form.



The New Sex Ed

Based on progressive, fact-based and inclusive curriculum published by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States and Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative I have developed a curriculum brand and style that brings all-inclusive sexual education into the 21st century where students can better connect with the content, peers, instructors, and parents and guardians through updated content, activities, and relatable visual aids.



Sip and Gather: An Uncomplicated Guide to Wine, Food, & Fun

This book concept extends beyond teaching about wine in an approachable way by curating accessible and scalable recipes for perfect pairing experiences and bringing this information together to guide in hosting guests and entertaining friends and family.