MFA Graduate Research Project | Anthony Jandrokovic, 18A Bourbon

MFA Graduate Research Project | Anthony Jandrokovic, 18A Bourbon

As a graphic designer and educator, Anthony joined the MFA program to broaden his portfolio and pursue his long-time goal of teaching at the collegiate level. Anthony loves teaching design and hopes to spark passion and creativity in young designers. In his spare time Anthony enjoys brewing craft beer and traveling to visit bourbon distilleries and breweries.

18A Bourbon is a prohibition themed bourbon branding focusing on stories, fictional but with twists of truth, of how alcohol was illegally distributed during prohibition. With each bottle purchased, a secret code is revealed under the wax seal that can then be submitted online to redeem access to exclusive speakeasy events. Here is the 18A Bourbon story:

During prohibition, businesses that secretly sold bourbon marked their alley doors 18A, short for the 18th Amendment. Being able to spot these secret locations was only the first hurdle. You could purchase bourbon only if you knew the secret way how to. 18A bourbon relives the stories and recipes from prohibition.

The Doctor’s Orders

During prohibition, only those who had a prescription could purchase a bottle of bourbon. At Moore’s Drugstore, thirsty patrons could slide a few dollars through the mail slot and then be handed a fake prescription card. After getting their card, they could walk in and be handed a bottle, for medicinal reasons, of course.

The Wake

Angel Share Funeral home reported obituaries in the newspaper with the use of fake code names, such as Martin Mashbill and William Whitedog, to signal patrons to attend the wake for a bottle of bourbon and a night of drinking. To hide the evidence from prohibition agents, patrons tossed their bottles into the empty casket and sent it to be buried.

Secret Wheat

Baker Papa Jo was known in town as a talented baker. However, patrons stopped by his shop for something more than baked goods. Patrons who knocked on the backdoor and asked for a loaf of secret wheat would be handed a flour sack with a bottle of Papa Jo’s signature bourbon. It turns out, Papa Jo wasn’t only making bread during prohibition.

The Bottles

Speakeasy Storefront Displays

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