MFA Graduate Research Project | Melissa Seling DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE OF CHANGE?

MFA Graduate Research Project | Melissa Seling DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE OF CHANGE?

I am a seasoned design leader with experience gained over 15+ years of design industry success. I have a robust design and leadership skillset, able to prioritize and direct multiple concurrent projects, delivering outstanding art direction, senior-level graphic and web design, project and production management, and digital and print marketing strategy development. I completed 4 years of undergrad design work at Salisbury University and 4 years of graduate design work at Kutztown University. I have a passion for learning and never back down from a challenge. I look for a future in building outstanding creative confidence and collaborative mindset in junior and senior designers. The core values that I carry into my daily life are excellence, passion, character, ownership & accountability, innovation and integrity.

The creative intention of US 20/20 is to construct an experience within politics that is relaxed, positive and informed. The importance of having all the facts enables you to develop your own opinions and form the fortitude to break old, unknowing affiliations. The future leadership of our country is dependent upon the participation of the entire voting population and it’s time to vote informed instead of inherited. This is where you need to have the courage of change, every election is an important election and now is the time to take action and learn the facts. Decide what issues are important to you and then make your choice for your future. #VoteInformed

More Work by Melissa

“Cage Free” – Interactive Book:

This book was created to encourage people to adopt animals instead of buying them. This is a 100 page hardcover interactive book designed in my last year at KU.

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“Love Lucca” – Brand Book:

This was a brand book was created in an effort to rebrand the “pit bull” dog as they have been mislabeled as “dangerous”. This is a 56 page book that was designed during my second year at KU.

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“I’m Late” – Kinetic Text Video:

This is a kinetic text video that was created in Adobe After Effects and used the lyrics from Alice in Wonderland, “I’m Late” (the scene when the white rabbit first enters and Alice tries to meets him).

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