MFA Graduate Research Project | Erin Williams Cahoodle: a collaborative doodling app

MFA Graduate Research Project | Erin Williams Cahoodle: a collaborative doodling app

Erin joined the MFA program looking for new opportunities to create. Her MFA experience has lead her to explore new technologies and mediums. She is inspired by nature and a desire to connect with others through design.

Cahoodle is an app that allows teams, friends, and even strangers to connect and collaborate in doodling fun. Based on the Exquisite Corpse parlor game invented by early 20th-century French surrealists. Each participant creates a drawing with lines connecting lines to another participant’s concealed drawing. When revealed, the results are unique and unexpected! This app is perfect for remote teams, a great ice breaker activity, and a generally fun experience!

More Work by Erin

Hi Pie Food Truck:

Hi Pie is food truck that’s all about pie! Serving both sweet and savory pies it’s got you covered whether you’re in need of a tasty meal, scrumptious dessert, or both! Hi Pie is all about happiness and celebrations!


Raptor Migration:

For this project, the user interacts with the raptor display board. By selecting a month on the board that migrates during that time are projected onto the wall. The birds fly either left during fall migration and right during the spring. This video shows the many elements of design brought together to create an interactive display, gathering the data, programming the Arduino, designing the layout of the board, animating the birds’ flight, and projecting the final project.


Courage Today Poster Series:

This series of four posters is about encouraging young girls in the areas of STEM studies, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The girls are what’s missing in the poster leaving a void in their place. Each poster is framed with examples of simple affirmations of encouragement.