MFA Graduate Research Project | Cynthia Oswald: Pursuing passion projects as a career

MFA Graduate Research Project | Cynthia Oswald: Pursuing passion projects as a career

Cynthia joined the MFA program to work on her passion projects and pursue her goal to teach. She currently runs a creative business full time—devoting her creative time equally among illustration, hand-lettering, watercolor painting, graphic design, and web development. When she’s not working you can find her chasing her toddler or dogs around their small home, enjoying the outdoors, and daydreaming about travel.

The goal of this project was to pursue my passion and interests in combination with my creative process to attract more of what I love into my work. Essentially building a platform for my illustrations, surface design, and art to be cohesive and represented as a collection. This involved looking at the work I previously created, creating new art, developing cohesive collections—then looking out how this could be put together and delivered to potential agents and or licensing opportunities. The result is a website and catalog that represent 8 collections across multiple surfaces—everything from print to home decor.

More Work by Cynthia

Essential Oil Display:
The goal of this project was to create an interactive space featuring some of the benefits and ideas for how to use five different essential oils.
Cynthia Oswald Design & Creative Services: Rebrand:
For this project I rebranded my business—creating a new logo, multiple emblems, stationery, style guide, and a new website.
Cynthia Oswald Design & Creatives Services Marketing Plan:
For this project I created a marketing plan and tracked my progress to see how it enhanced my professional development. I doubled my business income that year!