MUMEDI (the Mexican Museum of Design) International Poster Competition

We have exciting news! 37 entries from our Graphic Design 1 course have been named finalists in the MUMEDI (the Mexican Museum of Design) International Poster Competition with the theme “To Death With A Smile”.

The competition was open to designers, students, teachers, and professionals.

There were 20,000 participants from 152 countries, 561 finalists were named.

From the finalists 50 were from the United States, 37 were from Kutztown University!


Taylor Lundman

Megan Brady

Melanie Kay Edwards

Emily Anne Evans

Claire Grace Frank

Samantha Louise Fusco

Benjamin Andrew Ginder

Emily Claire Rudolph

Samuel Tyler Scheib

Abigail Nicole Scheuerman

Alexandria Jocelyn Shope(x2)

Theodore Bradley Strohler

Gabrielle Marie Trate (x2)

Hannah Amos

Colt Joseph Barron

Jacqueline Foran

Kristen Costello

Jessica Paley (x2)

Gino Pambianchi

Emily Plitnick

Jennifer Stank

Blair Strain

Ariana Alexandropoulos

Olivia  Filburn

Rache Galatioto

Cassandra Harter

Kasey Jeffrey

Jarrett Patterson (x2)

Colton Rogers

Alyse Ryan

Alyssa Smorra

Alyssa Sopko (x2)

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