MFA Graduate Research Project | Val Nyby, Happy Moments

MFA Graduate Research Project | Val Nyby, Happy Moments

Val returned to school in pursuit of a more creative future and to seek a sense of purpose that was greater than herself. Her passion for learning and her varied interests has pushed her to explore new ways of creating using new technologies. The combination of design and technology has inspired Val to pursue a career in experiential design.

The Happy Moments Project is a collection of every day happy moments told through illustrations and a bit of augmented reality (AR). With AR, these happy moments can be placed in and experienced in your own environment.

I have learned from my traumatic past that experiencing happiness can help one face difficult moments. Collectively, we have endured a great deal in the past year: the loss of time with loved ones, the unfortunate loss of lives, hunger for many, mental health decline, and the uncertainty of it all.

The Happy Moments project is not only a reaction to what is happening in the world today but a realization that experiencing happiness has helped me accept childhood trauma. Happiness builds endurance. In a time like this, I felt a need to highlight the significance of happy moments and to share them with others.