MFA Graduate Research Project | Morgan Gilmore, Failure: An Interactive Gallery Experience.

MFA Graduate Research Project | Morgan Gilmore, Failure: An Interactive Gallery Experience

Morgan enrolled in the MFA program to expand her knowledge in teaching graphic design to college students. What she didn’t realize was that this program would strengthen her as a designer who is innovative in her problem solving, fastidious in her revisioning process and more inquisitive than ever before. Today she is looking to expand her freelance and art licensing business to make meaningful and personal designs more accessible. When Morgan takes her eyes off of the computer she’s usually reading, baking or hanging out with her cats and husband.

All humans are capable of amazing things. We celebrate the successes of people every day on social media, in class, at work and with our friends and family. However, when it comes to our failures we are not willing to share them. But what if we did? Would our whole perception of failiing change if we unveiled it’s power and allowed for us to learn from one another? Would we become empowered through story to no longer be ashamed, regretful or afraid? The failures witnessed in this gallery are real and raw submissions given to me anonymously. These stories were curated to be read, heard and reflected upon. As people experienced this exhibition, they were asked to begin to think about their own story of failure. Then at the end they were asked to contribute to the timeline as well.

More Work by Morgan

Paper Maps:
Imagine having a beautifully functional treasure map filed with fun places to go, things to do and amazing places to eat. Welcome to Get Lost Maps. Pick a state, receive the paper map in the mail and pack your bags. Use our paper maps and branded stickers to mark the spots you visit. ON your journey you will soon realize that the treasure map actually leads you back home where you’ll have a gorgeous map journal that was customized to your trip experience. When you come home, hang it on your wall as a memento. 
_____ (Noun): A typographic short film
This is a story about a woman who has her external thoughts written on the world around her. The purpose for this video is to explore how typography changes the way we view emotions. As a designer, we can use that to our advantage and have the audience feel along with the character’s emotions.
Accountable App:
Finally. An app that helps you buy things with a conscience. Accountable teaches you how to make better purchases sustainably, ethically and morally. This app evolves with the user from opening a bank account to saving for retirement. It offers learning modules and badges to wear proudly, “gamifying” knowledge of finances to empower people for financial success in the future.