MFA Graduate Research Project | Amy Bolger-Santucci, OH CHUTE!

MFA Graduate Research Project | Amy Bolger-Santucci, OH CHUTE!

An art educator, Amy pursued her MFA in Communication Design to increase her skillset in preparation for positions in higher education and design. Her particular design interests include branding, product design, interactive design and UX/UI. When not designing, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and three children and finding creative new ways to embrace failure.

OH CHUTE! Fear of failure holding you back? OH CHUTE is a brand about taking risks, embracing failures, and finding creative solutions for any mishap. With every new stage of life, we are faced with new challenges. Life is messy a Process full of OH CHUTE moments that can throw you off your path. With your CHUTE as security, any problem can be solved with the right mindset, some creativity, and lots of grit. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear—courage is the ability to persevere and withstand fear. Let your CHUTE provide the comfort and security you need during uncertain times.

OH CHUTE is a product that offers users a “safety net” allowing them to take risks in the pursuit of goals. My thesis project includes a double-sided drawstring bag with a detachable double-sided blanket, CHUTE manual with achievement patches and brand guide.

Take the leap…OH CHUTE has your back.