MFA Graduate Research Project  |  Adam Omar Forest Fauna Follies & Fables

MFA Graduate Research Project  |  Adam Omar
Forest Fauna Follies & Fables

With a desire to hone his skills and knowledge further as an artist, animator, and storyteller; pursuing an MFA in Communication Design after an undergrad in Computer Science was the next clear step in Adam’s plan of total media domination! Adam used his time throughout the program creating projects that either told a story or aided in the storytelling experience with books, comics, and animations being at the heart of his creative passion. With his academic pursuits coming to a close (for now, at least), Adam now plans to pursue publication of his first book, continue developing his webcomic, enjoy spoiling the family kittens (Callie & Gus), and most importantly… find a job.

This collection holds a series of bespoke illustrated fairytales where each follow a narrative leitmotif similar to Aesop fables with a moral conclusion. However, these stories would also be linked by an overarching tale, similar to the narrative strategy behind the Divine Comedy. This story follows a fawn as she travels through the Pennsylvanian forest and meets a variety of woodland creatures in search of her lost herd.

This concept would include an intrinsic puzzle element associated with the themes of the specific fable, leading to an ending that requires all puzzles solved. This final sequential puzzle would reward the reader by revealing the true ending of the story via a mini book nestled within a locked box.

More Work by Adam

Monty the Monotreme:

This project focused on researching puppet-making techniques, developing a unique puppet design, and to experimenting with hands-on puppet crafting. This was chosen for the Graduate Studio 2 prompt, “Never Have I Ever.” Moreover, the puppet was then used in a short skit to further develop skills in scriptwriting, acting, videography, and post-production. The puppet is named  Monty the Monotreme and he made his debut in the TikTok parody “Miscellaneous Marvelations — Ramen!,” which pokes fun at tutorial shorts.

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Trick Bricks:

This project delved into the world of product prototyping by producing plastic toy bricks that could build electrical circuits through their interlocking mechanics. The toy brick design would be heavily inspired by LEGO, however, the electrical component would use electric ink to follow the theme of the Graduate Studio prompt “Ink, Paper, Print.” The designs were successful and two promo videos were created to display the “trick brick” capabilities: one for light and the other for sound.

Light Trick Brick: Light Trick Brick – Concept Promo

Sound Trick Brick: Sound Trick Brick – Concept Promo

The Merchant and The Golem:

This animated short follows a wooden golem who happens upon a freezing merchant and attempts to help the shivering salesman.

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