Capstone: Morgan Nadin | Around the World with the Whisker Sisters Children’s Book

Capstone: Morgan Nadin | Around the World with the Whisker Sisters Children’s Book


I’m Morgan Nadin, a current KUCD senior with concentrations in Illustration and Graphic Design. I don’t know exactly what my future holds or where I may land, but I do know that in all of my work and everything I do, I seek to create things that can make people happy. With the help and guidance of all my professors and friends at KU, I believe I have learned the skills to do so. I hope that one day that this book can be continued in a sequel or series of books where the Whisker Sisters can continue to travel and explore!

Children’s books and illustrations can be a powerful tool in helping young readers experience places or understand concepts they would not normally have access to. This children’s book, Around the World with the Whisker Sisters, stands to visualize that concept. Using experience gained firsthand through a study abroad experience as well as substantial cultural and literary research, this book was written and illustrated to introduce the culture of Poland to children in a visual and easily understood format.

Through firsthand interactions and experiences in the topic country Poland, thanks to a study abroad scholarship from the Honors Program, I used the classic novel Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne to create a reimagined children’s book that centers around three mice that travel with Mr. Fogg around Poland. They experience customary food and dances and see traditional clothing and vendors. Authentic visual imagery was referenced in order to create a unique but visually accurate depiction of the culture of Poland that is accessible to children. To make these experiences and depictions accessible to children is to help relieve potential apprehension or anxiety in children regarding traveling to or learning about unknown cultures and show that other cultures can be fun and exciting.

Capstone Advisor: Elaine Cunfer